Not All Data Can Be Crunched.

We define our think tank as an entity that is engaged in deep intellectual understanding of the retail, technology and healthcare sectors.

This knowledge – coupled with our intergenerational experience – enables us to collaborate with our clients to create cutting edge business models to ignite growth.

We Prosper Together.
The MK ATLANTA revenue model creates an alignment of interests for all parties involved.

You, the Business Owner:

  • Maintain control and gain a non-dilutive partner.
  • Do not pay us an hourly fee or a retainer.
  • Receive high-touch guidance and support by Gordon and Lauren personally every step of the way.
  • Gain trusted advisors and an elite sales team.


  • Center our model around revenue sharing, which is determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Are guided by the principle that the entrepreneur’s economic interests come first.
  • Give up our revenue share for a small percent of proceeds in the event you receiver an offer, thus making our business model M&A friendly.

The Value of Acquiring an MK ATLANTA Client:

  • The acquirer receives highly accretive economics through the give up of MK ATLANTA’s revenue share.
  • The acquirer steps into a business with a strong P&L, excellent reporting, and transparency, which are critical in an M&A transaction.

A Secular Force: Collective Prosperity

We Embrace Our Intergenerational Partnership.

Our Guiding Principles


We see the signals and block out the noise. It's how we were founded. We have complementary perspectives that together create a balanced outlook on your business.


We are purists. We look for the virtuous cycle in a business model. In fact, we won't waste your time or ours, and move forward with you unless we see it. We take care of our clients. We are humans who thrive off of the incredible relationships we develop.


We love making connections and using our connectivity. We connect people, ideas and resources to amplify you and your company. Much of our connectivity is concentrated in Atlanta.


Trust for us is carried out in ethics, respect, transparency, integrity and fairness in action, word, communication - in relationships.


We serve from and lead with excellence - it's an attitude, a choice. We believe in the power of our combined knowledge, experience and intelligence.

"To say we “engaged” Gordie for an assignment isn’t a fair description of the arrangement. In truth, Gordie took complete ownership of the project—understanding every aspect and studying every nuance."
Joel Babbit
CEO Narrative Content Group
"As an Atlanta native and a supporter of entrepreneurial endeavors, Lauren's superpower is bringing people, ideas, and resources together."
Yale Zhang
Safe Heart USA Inc Founder, CEO

Let's Talk About Your Business.