About Us

Who are we?

We are a baby boomer from Wall Street and a millennial from Main Street. We embrace, acknowledge, and respect our differences, and together have formed a Think Tank that Executes.

We each recognized the qualities in a business partner we were looking for when we met. We realized that the combination of our unique individual backgrounds and intergenerational partnership would be a powerful and impactful source in our clients’ lives.

“What I am drawn to in Lauren is her high intellect and integrity – someone who is creative, artistic and passionate. She truly has a beautiful mind.”
– Gordon Morse

“I believe Gordon’s skill set and professional background is an obvious complement to mine. Beyond his background, Gordon is incredibly relational, inspiring, ethical, and creative. I’m honored to be his business partner.” 

– Lauren Kelley 


Our Story

We made our decision to create a Think Tank that Executes at a picnic table in Chastain Park at the beginning of the 2020 Pandemic.  

We brought our vision of a Think Tank that Executes to life with the launch of MK ATLANTA in May 2020. We introduced a disruptive business model that was immediately embraced by Atlanta innovators and entrepreneurs.

We currently service a portfolio of entrepreneurs across retail, smarthealth, and emerging technologies. 

As a Think Tank we are dedicated to the continuous pursuit of knowledge across these sectors to better inform our clients.

Combining and celebrating our disruptive intergenerational experience, voice, and powers enables us to transform our clients’ businesses, and ultimately their lives. 


Our Collaborative Advisors


Jennifer Ohme

Jennifer Ohme, president of idealDESIGN, inc., has focused on the needs of independent businesses to unify, connect and advocate for neighborhood commercial districts in Atlanta since 2001. Over the last 20 years in Atlanta, Jennifer has created a company that builds community organizations - with the community - for neighborhood commercial districts. She works with community stakeholders to develop and manage the organization which educates, connects and organizes for the benefit of all businesses within the neighborhood(s).  Jennifer's journey has given her expertise in project management, time management and an overall talent to connect information from one neighborhood to another through relationships with business owners, property owners, the City of Atlanta and the residential community.

Pat profile

Patricia J. Royak

Patricia 'Pat' is a Global CEO, and Omni-channel visionary who elevates iconic brands aesthetic by optimizing the brand's story, and position to deliver exponential profit and revenue growth. Her cross functional C-Suite experiences with brands like from .com, 911 and 2008 crisis positioned her to help brands navigate market fluctuations by purchasing online. Pat adapts to new models with speed to provide competitive advantage. Pat is also an Advisory Board Member and Judge for Shore Hatchery of the Salisbury University Purdue School of Business. The Shore Hatchery program assists entrepreneurs in creating new businesses and jobs in the region - it is also a casting source for ABC's Shark Tank.

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