About Us

Who are we?

We are a baby boomer from Wall Street and a millennial from Main Street. We embrace, acknowledge, and respect our differences, and together have formed a Think Tank that Executes.

We each recognized the qualities in a business partner we were looking for when we met. We realized that the combination of our unique individual backgrounds and intergenerational partnership would be a powerful and impactful source in our clients’ lives.

“What I am drawn to in Lauren is her high intellect and integrity – someone who is creative, artistic and passionate. She truly has a beautiful mind.”
– Gordon Morse

“I believe Gordon’s skill set and professional background is an obvious complement to mine. Beyond his background, Gordon is incredibly relational, inspiring, ethical, and creative. I’m honored to be his business partner.” 

– Lauren Kelley 


Our Guiding Principles


We see the signals and block out the noise. It's how we were founded. We have complementary perspectives that together create a balanced outlook on your business.


We are purists. We look for the virtuous cycle in a business model. In fact, we won't waste your time or ours, and move forward with you unless we see it. We take care of our clients. We are humans who thrive off of the incredible relationships we develop.


We love making connections and using our connectivity. We connect people, ideas and resources to amplify you and your company. Much of our connectivity is concentrated in Atlanta.


Trust for us is carried out in ethics, respect, transparency, integrity and fairness in action, word, communication - in relationships.


We serve from and lead with excellence - it's an attitude, a choice. We believe in the power of our combined knowledge, experience and intelligence.

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