Our Process

Prior to entering into a collaborative partnership we conduct extensive due diligence through in-depth one-on-one discussions with the entrepreneur.

Through this process we explore and identify the following:

  • PRODUCT: What are you selling and why?
  • OPERATIONS: What support do you need to successfully operate?
  • BRANDING: How are you communicating your brand?
  • PRODUCT-MARKET FIT: Who is your market?
  • RESOURCE ALLOCATION: How are you allocating your resources?
  • VIRTUOUS CYCLE: We look to identify a Self-Generating Business Model that creates the optimal path to prosperity and will guide us through the lifetime of our collaboration. 

Igniting Growth

As a Think Tank that Executes, our clients rely on us for a deep intellectual understanding of their industry as well as delivering elite sales skills to generate revenue. 

We focus our passion and energy on igniting growth for Atlanta-based entrepreneurs in the Retail, Emerging Technology and Healthcare sectors.

Let's Talk About Your Business.